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Anyone who has visited a museum with an exhibit on minerals knows that nature can produce beautiful crystals. These crystals have many shapes (morphologies), from nearly perfect cubes (3-dimensional) to flat plates (2-dimensional) to needles (1-dimensional). However, these crystals found in nature represent only a tiny fraction of what is possible using all the ingredients on the periodic table. Furthermore, the conditions in nature are far from pristine and these naturally occurring crystals, though beautiful, often have high levels of disorder or impurities at the atomic level. In the Quantum Materials Design Lab, part of the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute at the University of British Columbia, we design and grow crystals of materials that are not found in nature. In particular, the Hallas Group seeks out materials with strong quantum mechanical effects, giving rise to exotic magnetic and electronic properties. We aim to understand the behaviors of these quantum materials by studying their properties with neutron, muons, and x-rays.

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Recent News

November 2021: Over the last six months, Alannah has been exploring the intersection of arts and physics through a collaboration with artist Kahn Lee and QMI PhD student Rysa Greenwood through Ars Scientia. This collaboration culminated in a Symposium called "Signals and Apparatuses".

September 2021: We are excited to welcome two PhD students to the group this year - Mario González and Megan Rutherford. Mario recently completed his MSc at Universidad de Guadalajara and Megan completed her MSc at McMaster University. Welcome!!

June 2021: Two of our collaborative works on mixed B-site pyrochlores were published this month. Click here to read about the interesting magnetism in Yb2GaSbO7 and Nd2GaSbO7!

May 2021: A warm welcome to Solveig Stubmo Aamlid and Gurleen Sandhu. Solveig joins QMI as a postdoc, working jointly with the Rottler and Hallas groups as part of the Disorder Grand Challenge. Gurleen, who is currently an undergraduate at McMaster University, was awarded an NSERC USRA and a Quantum Pathways award to undertake summer research at UBC.

April 2021: Congratulations to Sam for completing his research based course and delivering a beautiful final presentation. We will miss Sam in the lab this summer as he starts a co-op work term.

April 2021: Our research update (brief review article) on non-oxide pyrochlores is published in Physical Review Materials! Read all about it here.

March 2021: The Hallas and Aronson groups had a big showing at the 2021 March Meeting. Congrats to Graham Johnstone (Y37.00007), Mohamed Oudah (C47.00008), Jannis Maiwald (M20.00003), Jörn Bannies (E51.00003), and Xiyang Li (Y39.00011) for delivering excellent talks.

January 2021: Congratulations to Mohamed Oudah, who has started a new role at SBQMI as a Research Associate in the Hallas Group working on the Entropy Grand Challenge.

December 2020: Alannah received a UBC Science Co-Op Supervisor Recognition Award on the nomination of Sam Mugiraneza. We were thrilled to have Sam work with us for 8 months this year and stay tuned for his forthcoming paper!

October 2020: Alannah did an interview with Sheryl MacKay for CBC Radio One's NXNW! Listen in here.

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