Quantum Materials Design Lab

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Joint group photo of the Hallas and Aronson groups. (L-R Alannah Hallas, Jannis Maiwald, Joern Bannies, Mohamed Oudah, Dalmau Reig-i-Plessis, Graham Johnstone, Xiyang Li, Sam Mugiraneza, Samikshya Sahu)


Anyone who has visited a museum with an exhibit on minerals knows that nature can produce beautiful crystals. These crystals have many shapes (morphologies), from nearly perfect cubes (3-dimensional) to flat plates (2-dimensional) to needles (1-dimensional). However, these crystals found in nature represent only a tiny fraction of what is possible using all the ingredients on the periodic table. Furthermore, the conditions in nature are far from pristine and these naturally occurring crystals, though beautiful, often have high levels of disorder or impurities at the atomic level. In the Quantum Materials Design Lab, part of the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute at the University of British Columbia, we design and grow crystals of materials that are not found in nature. In particular, the Hallas Group seeks out materials with strong quantum mechanical effects, giving rise to exotic magnetic and electronic properties.

Recent News

October 2020: Alannah did an interview with Sheryl MacKay for CBC Radio One's NXNW! Listen in here.

August 2020: Alannah has just been named a CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar for 2020-2022. Read all about it here!

June 2020: The group happily welcomed its two newest members: a Bruker powder x-ray diffractometer and a Zeiss microscope camera.

March 2020: We've received the keys to our beautiful, newly renovated lab. Let's grow some crystals!

January 2020: Happy New Year and welcome to our two newest group members, Samikshya Sahu, who joins us after completing her BSc-MSc at IISER Bhopal and Sam Mugiraneza, a UBC chemistry undergrad who is joining us for a co-op term. Welcome Samikshya and Sam! A busy start to the year - Alannah, Graham, and Sam traveled to College Park, Maryland to attend the Fundamentals of Quantum Materials Winter School.

November 2019: Welcome to our newest group member -- a Quantum Design MPMS3 with all the bells and whistles (helium-3, ac susceptibility, horizontal rotator, and oven)!

September 2019: We are excited to welcome Dalmau Reig-i-Plessis to the group! Dalmau recently completed his PhD at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the group of Greg MacDougall.

July 2019: Graham Johnstone joins the group as a research assistant and will begin his MSc this fall. Welcome Graham!

Moving day!
SBQMI and the Hallas Lab were recently featured in a video by Research2Reality!