Lab and Equipment

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Quantum Design MPMS3

Magnetic fields up to 7T
Temperature range from 400 mK (helium-3) to 1000 K (oven insert)
Sample rotator 
AC and DC measurement mode

Bruker X-ray Diffractometer

Cu source powder diffractometer
High resolution from pure Ka1 selected by focusing monochromator
LynxEye XET DetectorHigh and low temperature samples stages -- coming soon!  

Netzch TGA/DSC

Thermogravometric analysis Scanning differential calorimeterTemperature range from room temp to 1600 CMass resolution of 0.01 micrograms

Quantum Design Dynacool PPMS (x2)

Magnetic fields up to 9 and 14 TTemperature range from 50 mK (dilution refrigerator insert) or 300 mK (helium-3 insert) up to 400 KHeat capacity, electrical transport, thermal transport, and vibrating sample magnetometry options

Box Furnaces  

Various box furnaces with maximum temperatures of 1100, 1200 and 1500 C.