Group Members

Alannah Hallas - Principal Investigator

Alannah is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of British Columbia. She heads the Quantum Materials Design Lab, which is part of the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute. Before coming to UBC, Alannah completed her PhD in physics as a Vanier Scholar at McMaster University and was the Smalley Postdoctoral Fellow at Rice University. Having worked in both physics and chemistry departments, Alannah is passionate about taking an interdisciplinary approach to the study of quantum materials. When she's not growing crystals or at the beam line, Alannah loves cooking (and eating!), playing bridge, and watching baseball.

Contact: - 604-822-9646 - Brimacombe 470 - View my full CV

Mohamed Oudah - Research Associate

Mohamed is a research associate for the Disorder as a Design Principle Grand Challenge. Mohamed received the MEXT scholarship to pursue his PhD at Kyoto University working in the group of Yoshi Maeno. During his PhD, he discovered superconductivity in the hole-doped Antiperovskite Oxide Sr3-xSnO and studied the negative ionic state of Sn in this unusual oxide. Mohamed joined SBQMI in 2018 as a postdoc, primarily working with Doug Bonn, and he spent a part of his postdoc at Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart working with the groups of Hide Takagi and Bernhard Keimer. In the early part of his postdoc, he focused on high-pressure synthesis of new topological phases and silver containing compounds. Then his focus shifted towards identifying new topological materials related to the square-net family of compounds. As a research associate, he is working on synthesis of high entropy phases and measuring their properties. Besides research, Mohamed enjoys badminton, swimming, and eating chocolate.

Contact: - Website Brimacombe 282

Dalmau Reig-i-Plessis - Postdoc

Dalmau is an SBQMI postdoctoral fellow at the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute. Dalmau received his PhD in physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, working with Gregory MacDougall. During his graduate study Dalmau was awarded an SCGSR fellowship, which allowed him to spend 6 months at Oak Ridge National Lab working with Adam Aczel. Dalmau is driven to study quantum materials by the seemingly endless exotic phases they may display, and is particularly interested in magnetic materials due to the availability of powerful measurement techniques. At home Dalmau is interested in any crafts and hobbies that result in making things, or in distance running.

Contact: - Brimacombe 382

Graham Johnstone - Graduate Student

Graham received his Honours B.Sc from McMaster University's Integrated Science program. Graham joined the Hallas group in 2019 as a Masters student. His research interests include high entropy oxide systems, magnetic characterization, and crystal growth. Outside of work, he enjoys fantasy and science fiction novels, fencing, fitness, and cooking.

Contact: - Brimacombe 382

Samikshya Sahu - Graduate Student

Samikshya joined the Hallas group as a graduate student in January 2020. Previously she received her BS-MS Dual degree in Physics as a DST-INSPIRE fellow from IISER, Bhopal, India. Her interests include working on designing and characterization of exotic phases of matter like frustrated magnetic systems. Besides physics and crystal growth, she enjoys sketching, playing tennis, occasional cooking, reading novels(mostly fictional), and traveling.

Contact: - Brimacombe 382

Sam Mugiraneza - Co-op Student

Sam is a UBC Chemistry undergrad who joined the Hallas Group in Jan 2020 for a Co-op. Last summer, Sam worked in the Berlinguette Research Group on the synthesis of organic hole transport materials for perovskite solar cells. Sam is interested in the crystal growth of new materials and studying how the electronic and magnetic properties of materials arise from their crystal structures. Besides research, Sam enjoys biking, jogging, and watching soccer.

Contact: - Brimacombe 382

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